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Thread: Lots of photos of my plants

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    Nice pictures Devon, looks like the Heli is getting plenty of light!

    Are you sure this is Dionaea 'Dentate'? The teeth look a bit long.

    Quote Originally Posted by Devon.B View Post

    dente with some colour finally:

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    very nice Devon! Particularly love the low giant. Do you experience colaration like that year round or only when approaching dormancy? Good job growing !

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    Jimscott, it is a red form of minor so it get's red easily, but I use 2 T* tubes 32 watt.

    FRENCHEZ, It's dente, it was a division that came off my main plant and I think that in late fall they make longer teeth or something...

    Greg, I haven't had my low giant for very long, so I'm nor sure. I hope it will get that colour all summer next year though. Thanks fro your comments everyone!

    ---------- Post added at 08:09 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:05 AM ----------

    These will be the last photos for a long time.. I promise.

    Here is one of my slackii plantlets, grown from a leaf cutting:

    ping weser:

    nepenthes maxima sprout!

    paradoxa divisions:

    I put my adelae closer to the light and now it's making, longer, thinner and more colourful leaves. I erally loove it one of my favs now:

    these spatulata 'fraiser island' are just adjusting to the humidity, but before when i transplanted them they were three plants

    purp venosa divisions from Pet, thanks:

    this is the only helathy looking scarlet bristle plantlet I have right now, I dropped them twice and had to repot but they're doing ok right now. :P

    livida, started from ONE leaf, from bloke.

    capensis ;D

    a much better pic of burmannii giant red:

    thanks for looking!

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