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Thread: Hello! I haven't forgotten y'all!

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    Hello! I haven't forgotten y'all!


    I just wanted to say hello and thank those folks for the birthday wishes.

    I have not forgotten the forums although I'm sure it looks that way. It's just been harder for me to get online these days. They are now monitoring our computers at work so I can't check the forums or email during the day. That really sucks because I could do a lot on my lunch hour.

    It is often difficult for me to get upstairs to my computer. I've been dealing with excrutiating foot pain for 7 months as well as other pain issues so...I tend to stick downstairs if I don't feel very good. I surf the net a bit from my phone and post here and there to FB. I'm taking medication that at times makes me feel loopy and tired so that rules out getting on the computer. All that sucks. Just not enough "good" hours in the day. But I'm working on improving these things.

    I am planning to get FiOS and get a connection downstairs and move my Mac down there if I can work out the furniture rearrangement. If I can accomplish this, I should be able to get back to keeping up with email and the forums better.

    I've missed everybody and wanted people (who remember to know I haven't lost interest in the community! I'm hoping to get back and catch up on everything. I know I've missed out on tons of stuff. I hope everybody is doing well.

    Holy crap is it pouring rain outside. I can't believe how long it has been raining. Two straight days. ALL day...ALL nite. Pouring. Wind. MAKE IT STOP!!! Thank you hurricane Ida for flooding Richmond.
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    Oh no - sorry to hear that PAK. I hope you find some relief soon. Do you ever do any sort of physical therapy exercises or anything? I've had all sorts of back and neck pain for a long time now, and it's helped me a lot to get into a regular regimen of stretching and exercising. I imagine that might be kind of difficult when the problem is in your feet. :( Try your best to stay energetic, though. It's been my experience that my pain is the worst when I let myself become idle.
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    We know your about here and there. My wife has some of the same problems. Meds. only work so well for her. Sucks about work though, hope everyone is more productive since the monitoring started !
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