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Thread: Pests vs CO2

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    I've since abandoned the dry ice idea in favor or Neem oil solution. It does work. It's just not instant death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robthered View Post
    Checked it out today and saw no signs of bugs and the plants looked fine too. I'll update as days pass.
    Were you able to ID the 'bug'? Supposedly mites are immune to this treatment. Aphids were eliminated in my 1st experience (but w/ more than 1 treatment).

    However, in another trial w/ an aphid-infested D. regia received in a trade, multiple CO2 treatments over several weeks failed to completely eradicate the bad guys (I finally used an imidacloprid pesticide). I'm very interested in why my 2nd series failed, what bugs CO2 can eliminate & hearing about other's experiences.

    I recommend a 2nd treatment in 7-14 days even if you do not see any activity.
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    Maybe the aphids were in the egg laying life cycle phase (cooler seasons) and the eggs survived the treatment?
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