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Thread: Just a little more "fame" for our esteemed Oz

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    Just a little more "fame" for our esteemed Oz

    Hi everyone

    I thought I'd call attention to the nice article in The Nature Conservancy North Carolina's winter edition of Afield featuring none other than..our beloved Ozzy.

    Ozzy (Mark) doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk. His love and dedication to carnivorous plants, pitcher plants and wetlands is demonstrated by his active participation conservation groups. He's not only Head of Conservation for NASC but he's also out in the field for TNC.

    If it weren't for people like Mark, think about how much of this endangered land would would not be getting the care it needs to be healthy.

    So...consider giving up a little of your free time to do something for any local conservation group. Even picking up trash in a park is a huge help to our environment. And getting involved can be FUN! Grab your dog and a trash bag and have a nice walk in a park.

    We all love CPs...and other plants and eco-systems. So think about making a New Year's resolution for 2010 that will make a difference towards keeping our planet GREEN.

    Check out page 10!

    (There are a few little errors in the article but that happens.)
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    Woo! Thanks for all your dedication and hard work, Ozzy. And thanks for my April Fool's N. lowii!
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