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Thread: pounds of snow per inch

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    Question pounds of snow per inch

    how much snow do you think this green house can hold before i knock it off 2 inches right now .

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    Actually, glass is very strong stuff. Glass is strong but brittle. Glass is very susceptible to shock. You can stack hundreds of baseballs on a sheet of window glass without it breaking; however, one baseball pitched by your eight year old nephew will finish off that glass window if it goes through it.

    The metal frames will bend before the glass actually breaks. The metal frame is actually the limiting factor to how much snow a greenhouse can hold. If the frame is steel, the answer could be a lot. If the frame is lead or flimsy aluminum, the answer could be not very much.

    Either way, you make not know how much is too much until the spring when your greenhouse starts leaking.

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    The weight of the snow per cubic inch is going to vary depending on how compacted, melted (basically how much air) anyway.


    1 cubic foot of ice at 32 F. = 57.50 pounds
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