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Thread: Any Fantasy Footballers out there?

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    Any Fantasy Footballers out there?

    Anybody play fantasy football? For most leagues, it is championship week. This is the time of year that the fruits of your labor have either paid off or were crushed by some opposing players' monster week.

    After a brief 2 year hiatus, I am back in the championships for one of my FFB leauges. I will get my name on a plaque and everything. Yeah, we take it too seriously... Not to mention a hefty "prize". Enough to buy more than a few hamatas ... if you catch my drift.

    At any rate if there are any FFB players out there I would be interested in hearing some advice on a few of my receivers. This is a pretty big league so third and even sometimes second receivers are a bit iffy. With that said, I have a few receivers who by all standards are good, except for fantasy football. That is because they are not consistent.

    So here it goes... I would be interested in hearing your pics for receivers. From the following list who do you think will have the best day? 1 point for every 10 yards receiving, 6 points for a touchdown.... Oh yeah, Tight Ends are receivers in this league.

    Pick 2 from the list...

    Tony Gonzalez ATL vs BUF
    Fred Davis WAS vs DAL
    V. Shiancoe MIN vs CHI
    M. Wallace PIT vs BAL
    B. Edwards NYJ vs IND
    K. Britt TEN vs SD

    BTW, my two current pics are... Tony Gonzalez and Fred Davis, but I am contemplating Shiancoe and Edwards.

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    My #1 receiver is Desean Jackson incase you were curious.

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    I would probably take Wallace and Edwards. Both of their teams are probably going to be passing more in tight games or catching up. Atlanta should be run all over Buffalo, literally, and hand it off a lot.

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    good to hear of someone else having a "meaningful" fantasy game this weekend. i'm in a championship too. i don't like my chances, due to a weak receiving corps., and my opponent has some hot matchups. but, winner gets $750, loser gets $500 so I can't complain too much. I need 4 new tires for my Santa Fe, so that should about cover it. i think wallace and edwards are good choices. roesthlisberger is on fire, jets may find themselves having to throw a lot vs. indy, at indy, although i'm not sure what their qb situation is. like chezilla said, atl. probably won't need to throw the ball much, i wouldn't trust a MN receiver with Favre in a cold game (which sucks 'cause I pretty much have to use percy harvin this weekend), fred davis might not be a bad option, as I suspect Wash. will fall behind, but i don't like their qb, and kenny britt - hopefully you didn't choose him :-)

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