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Thread: theobroma cacao - help me find agri-laws

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    theobroma cacao - help me find agri-laws

    I've been wanting to buy another cacao tree since I got some seeds off of a pod from a greenhouse a year back, sprouted little trees, but had to leave the plants behind when I moved cross country. I've found a store in the US (in Florida) that sells good sized theobroma cacao trees, and they leave notes on the order page like "will not ship to these states!" for certain plants that are prohibited in various states in the US, but I want to double-check that cacao wouldn't be illegal to import from Florida to So.Cal. because just because they will *ship* doesn't mean I can legally have it.

    Can anyone help me figure out how/who to ask/lookup to figure out if it's illegal/legal to have one as a house plant? I've tried looking it up online but I must be looking for the wrong stuff. I'm asking because earlier this year I was looking into it and distinctly remember finding out that it's a pain to ship here from other countries for some reason that I'm forgetting.

    Thanks in advance!

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    It has everything to do with the nursery not being certified to send rooted plants in soil to CA, AZ, LA. California has laws that prohibit the entry of most live plants unless they have come from a certified nursery. It is a bunch of humbug and expense to maintain such a certification (I speak from experience I am currently working on it for shipping CPs). It has nothing to do with it being Cacao.

    You may want to check the rare fruit tree grower in CA. i forget the website now. they might have leads.

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    For more information concerning bringing houseplants, fruits, or vegetables into California, please call our Pest Exclusion Branch at (916) 654-0312 or send an email to
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