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Thread: a fun game we picked up for x-mas

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    a fun game we picked up for x-mas

    if you ever were half interested in role playing games we ran across a fun one while camping this summer called wifes sister and her husband brought it with and 8 of us(6 adults and 2 kids) hung around the picnic table playing it by lantern light....

    its not a serious game at all and the rules make this clear with phrases like: "Decide who goes first by rolling the dice and arguing about the results and the meaning of this sentence and whether the fact that a word seems to be missing any effect." and "Any disputes in the rules should be settled by loud arguments with the owner of the game having the last word."

    kinda like a misfit D&D game that only takes an hour or two....gets entertaining as hell if your drinking a few beers while playing
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    hahahahhah its that realllllly weird card game isnt it? with like....wereturtles and stuff. our teacher brough some cards in for a writing assignment in our senior english class, i laughed hella hard

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    Nice. I have Chez Geek, which is by the same guy and on a similar bent. Have you ever seen Kobolds Ate My Baby?
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