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Thread: CP Book Suggestions

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    You have good general books but if you want to specialize, there's a book on Utricularia (Taylor), another for Pings (Eric Partrat), one for Australian sundews,....

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    Quote Originally Posted by swords View Post
    I've wanted to be able to page through the McPhearson books (other than PPOTA), are they full of text and images like the Clarke Nepenthes books? Anyone know of any online sample pages/contents pages?

    If they're still available the Charles Clarke Nepenthes books are my all time fave plant books. I've just about worn out my copy of Nepenthes of Borneo!
    McPherson's books are about an even divide between photos and text and are reminiscent of some of Clarke's works. The only reason that I did not immediately recommend them were that the titles were to be purchased via an Amazon Gift Card; and the only offerings aside from Pitcher Plants of the Americas were extremely overpriced (US 80-169.00) copies of Pitcher Plants of the Old World being sold by private parties. He'd be far better served purchasing them directly from the author.

    Images are available at McPherson's website: . . .
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    Thanks Bella,
    I've seen the photos on the Redfern pages, I just wanted to see how the pages themselves were laid out - you'd think they'd have a few "showcase" pages from each book. Thanks to a certain TF member in a week or so all my questions on layout should be answered.

    Holy... they want that much for PPOTA? I think I only paid $30 for it at Barnes & Noble!

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