After a long break I'm back,
I have some well abused nepenthes that are growing well now that I'm watering them and giving them light, my drosera that I got 6 months ago I've always taken care of........
Anyways here are some pictures of what I've got,
they have grown
(exploded since they were light deprived, many have basals and lots of growth)
after the week ago the pics was taken.

Yes i moved from Hawaii where I just got started into CPs(I was given a nepenthes) like ugh late 2005,
then Oregon, I had a VFT,
moved to Hawaii(had a dozen species of CPs in a bog bowel),
then Oregon then I got that biggish collection of CPs as you may have known when I was really active,
then a year ago sold everything then moved out here..........
Or something like that,
can't fully remember.
The woolly looks crappy since I took a bad picture,
it's way better looking in person........

Well not much to show,
atlest have something now