So far this year is the first full outdoor dormancy I have observed and I have noted some interesting observations.

First numerous seedlings and the parent plants of a tropical form of Drosera intermedia have formed hibernaculum. It seems if exposed to cooler temperatures this plant has much in common with it's temperate counterpart and will do what is necessary during winter to survive.

I also have a good mound of Drosera 'Ivans Paddle' so I thought I would see how a plant would handle freezing temperatures and lows at times in the 20s. After a deep freeze of 24 and several freezing nights in Texas it is still churning out very small leaves. So far it looks like this plant is also going to pull through. On the other hand my Drosera spatulata show no signs of life, though perhaps it will come back from the roots just like my Drosera multifida 'extrema' in the spring.

Of course my Sarracenia are not fazed and some such as my Sarracenia alata and Daina's Delight still have many of their summer pitchers. My Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa also has all of its original leaves.

Well that's about it! Probably nothing new but thought I would share.