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Thread: How do you teach kindergartners about cp's

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    First you should ask them if anyone knows what a Venus Fly Trap is. The Venus Fly Trap is the worlds most famous CP, so I'm sure some of them will know. For the rest, you can explain to them what a carnivorous plant does and show them some CPs. It would be best to show them the coolest looking CPs, like a Nepenthes, Venus Fly Trap, maybe some Sundews, etc. Try to skip showing them boring ones like Utricularia and Genlisea (let's face it, they are only known to the general public because of their flowers. You can't even see the traps)
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    I second Wolfn's idea: do not show them boring varieties. Healthy, large and colorful plants are eyecatching: get some nicely colored VFTs (maybe something like an Akai Ryu) or at least a plant with with red traps, try some S. flava varieties, and S. purpurea is a great one to use for demonstrating because you can very easily point out the downward pointing hairs, the wide mouth, and make sure to fill the pitcher with water so you can point out that that's where the insects would go to die.

    You can also bring in a slideshow to put up on the projector, with CPs in their natural habitat, pointing out that VFTs don't live in some dark jungle

    Good luck!
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