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Thread: Anybody have a good brand for waterproof headphones?

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    Anybody have a good brand for waterproof headphones?

    I'm shopping around for some water-resistant/water-proof headphones. Does anyone know of a good brand/model, or are they all pretty much the same? I don't see them very often... they seem like a weird item to me.
    I'm moving to a new apartment and my downstairs neighbor is a single parent with a young child, so I don't want to bug them. One of my favorite ways to de-stress is to take a hot bath and listen to music that most people might find very abrasive and distracting. Renting a house made that easy, as my neighbors are too far away to really hear, but these apartments have pretty thin walls. Headphones are the only thing I've come up with. Ideas?
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    The only answer I can think of for thin walls is MAYBE a bigger speaker like from Back to the Future...

    I've never actually looked for waterproof headphones. I have a pair of Sony studio monitor phones which are all rubberized exterior and MAY possibly be waterproof. They were over $100, and I can't say for sure they're waterproof as I don't have the packaging all these years later. Got them at Guitar Center if you have those in your area. I actually prefer my cheaper "block out" KOSS phones as they're more comfortable wearing for long periods (but quieter). I don't know if they're waterproof or not but the ear cushions are not fabric but something else like very thin vinyl.

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    These seem to have gotten pretty good reviews. You might want to do a little more research on them, though.

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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