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Thread: MNACDT Has Moved To Harrietta MI. CUDA Is Still Kickin!!

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    MNACDT Has Moved To Harrietta MI. CUDA Is Still Kickin!!

    Ooops just now notice the heading wasnt spelled right.
    Hey all wow been along time since i been here, well we have sold our home and moved to Harrietta MI. and are completely surrounded by state land with no flippin neighbors to bother us anymore, we have a HUGE house and lots property, good times a rollin now LOL!! Hubby has won many 1st place trophies with Red Hot Cherry and have been doing great with the club. Building us a HUGE GH come spring running my small bizz, we are "Acorn Forest Greenhouse" Specializing in cacti & some succulents & Begonias right at the moment, come spring will be selling roses, hostas, and also working on african violets and house plants of sorts. I still have CPs, neps, VFT's and some pings. But am concentrating more on the neps. Got hubby and i a kick **** quad for trail ridding and spending as much time as we can in the woods, Jen brung up her snowmobiles and her and hubby have a blast on the trails i just hibernate durring winter spend all my time in the plant room.

    few quick pics
    this is our quad its a Outlander MAX 800R EFI XT

    This is the specs on her.

    our new house we bought
    right after we got the keys to it, has a full walkout basment that we converted to Cassie and her boyfriend new living quarters complete with full bathroom, bedroom, livingroom, office and everything for them, i also have a seperate bedroom down stairs for Jen and also have a big room that i turned into my plant room for the winter. The upstairs main part is soooooooooooooooo roomy compared to what we livied in befour super huge open livingroom and dinning room , 3 bedrooms one which i turned into my office and 2 bathrooms, nice big open kitchen we love it..

    winter pics

    hubby and i on the quad takin pics of the main road we are on

    hubby getting ready to go snowmobiling he looks like a snow ailen. LOL!!

    few racing pics and the last trophies he took at the end of the season.

    they changed the throhpies right at the end of the season to nice wooded ones but they were alittle smaller than normal, here hubby had won 1st place in the 9 sec class, funny thing was it was 9/11 and he was in the 9 sec class and did 9.011. The anouncer had blast with that saying the old man JR takes a win and how wierd it was with the date and his time..

    smokey burnout contest

    thats it for now will get more pics posted soon miss you all hope to be back sooner or later when i get the time..

    CUDA and the NMACDT in its new home..
    Hey buddy wana run, LETS GO!
    Northern Michigan All Car Drag Team *PRESIDENT*
    Red Hot Cherry's "NEW" PB 8.741 GO CHERRY! & "5" 1st place trophy wins 9 sec class.

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    Love the winter Pics!

    Quick update on the D. kenealleyi you sent. There were 3 plants in the clump and 2 have since died. The remaining plant I just repotted and it has responded well.

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    Glad that your still around.

    Nice house. Can't wait to the GH you build.

    My Grow List Updated 8/24/17

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    I figured you were around somewhere. Awesome looking place, plenty of room for that greenhouse. Keep hubby busy !
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