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Thread: I have returned

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    Thans for the warm return

    Quote Originally Posted by Not a Number View Post
    Where did you end up finally?
    Frederick, MD. Bit of a change from Atlanta, GA I can tell you LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by swords View Post
    Did the job pay for the move (transfer) or is it a total new job?
    Yes and yes

    Quote Originally Posted by dashman View Post
    Welcome back Pyro. If you get to the point you want to expand your collection some I can give you back some divisions of what you gave me, plus some other stuff I have growing.
    Appreciate it Dash Won't be expanding for some time thought, currently I am in a townhouse and my outside grow area is a porch that is all of 60cm deep and 180 cm wide and the inside grow areas are basically the 3 windowsills that face South. The 20 plants I kept are about all I will have for the time being.

    Quote Originally Posted by jimscott View Post
    Welcome back, Travis! The job and State: What and where will you be doing it?
    State I mentioned above. Job is still microbial genetics research.
    'My love was science- specifically biology and, more specifically, when placed in a common jar, which of two organisms would devour the other.'

    See You Space Cowboy

    Hagerstown, Maryland


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    WB Pyro, ummm from Ga. to MD
    I would take the rebel flag out of the back window of your ford f150 now
    (I use to live in Ga. so im allowed to say that :P )

    good to see ya back mate,

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    Glad to see you back, and congrats on changing things around in your life. I'm getting ready to go through a similar change, without the move. At least you won't have to deal with winter ever again!
    "We are in a sense the Universe trying to understand itself. By Observing it we are observing what we are." - Phillip Plait

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