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Thread: Paludarium plus

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    Paludarium plus

    When I was taking a quick stroll through the forums earlier today, I noticed that Swords had posted something about a huge tank in the chatbox. I grabbed the url and took a look. Wowza!

    Apparently this guy built an addition onto his house where the addition is primarily a great room but one wall of it is a giant acrylic tank (& behind the tank is a utility room to house all the stuff for the tank). He had this as a reef tank for many years (won awards, etc) and has now switched it over into a massive paludarium.

    Here's the link. I recommend starting from the last page so you can get an idea of the thing & where he's at with the progress.
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    Yeah, he wins the gold! I can't top that!

    He lives somewhere here in MN, I'd love to spend an hour or so ogling it from all the angles.

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    Dang, that dude is $$$. Looks great though.

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