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Thread: grow instructions given, but people always ignore it

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    But I'm not complaining about selling them at all. It's not like it's an animal or anything. IF the plant dies, no harm has been done. I was worried how I would pay for a CT scan that I have to have in the morning (no health insurance). They told me how much I needed and I was 200 dollars short and was concerned about being able to cover the bill, and I sold 240 dollars worth of plants today, so I can pay for my scan in the morning. I am very grateful, and for that, I guess I will keep sellling to people who want to grow a sar in a terrarium or on their kitchen table if thats what they want to do with it.

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    Yeah, it's no problem what they do with them. Only if they start to whine when their own willful negligence leads to them killing off their plant. This can lead to an innocent hobbyist selling their extras winding up getting negative reviews for no fault of their own.

    On the side I hope everything goes well for you in the morning - good luck!

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    If they ask what kind of lights they need, you should be honest and tell them to pick up several 1000w HID lamps. (One up top and at least a couple for the sides to make sure there's even lighting all around. And don't forget the A/C, fans, ducting and humidifiers to deal with waste heat.) Or move into a greenhouse.
    Hehe, and if you mention dormancy, don't emphasize it much. You need return customers, after all. If they really wanted to do it right, they wouldn't just be taking your word at face value anyways.
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