Thanks to my impulsive nature I took a drive by Leapin Lizards in Savage, MN today - they have a very good/affordable selection - including a couple Black Widows! LOL

I ended up having to get my first arboreal Tarantula species Avicularia avicularia the Pinktoe Tarantula

Her new home for a while since she's only 2" I can't wait to see this all webbed up. I put a dozen loose plastic leaves in there so she can use them in her building if she wants.

She was fine with being handled earlier today at the store by the girl who owns the shop and myself but after I got her home and setup a 1 gallon square vertical enclosure she was not interested in moving out of her deli cup. I finally got her to relinquish her hold on the leaf/soil in her deli cup but not without getting some soil in her water dish.

I'll post some glamor shots of both once they get settled in their new homes and feel like exiting their enclosures of their own free wills.

The rosy is still hanging on the walls of her new tank or sitting on the bark and poking one foot at a time at the soil. She doesn't seem too sure of the eco-earth stuff I used that everyone suggests.