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Thread: My little battle with Orbital Pseudotumor

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    Ah man, I'm sorry to hear about this. Stay strong, and I hope things improve for you. Not quite a comparison... But our 5 year old miniature poodle just developed a full blown cateract in her left eye. They were able to find no cause of it, but luckily her right eye is looking fine. Hopefully whatever it is doesn't happen to the other side.
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    That's a real bummer... My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.

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    Dude, that sucks! Best of luck, and get well soon!

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    I will certainly be keeping you in mind. There is nothing worse than sudden huge life changes that take a bit of getting used to. A few months ago I developed tinnitus out of the clear blue (constant ringing in your ears.) The ear nose throat specialist said there was nothing I can do. It is most often caused by loud occupational noise that people are subjected to over many years. I'm an accountant and am almost always in a quiet environment. Case and point, I have now adapted to my issue, and most of the time can tune out the noise, or create an environment that drowns out the ringing, e.g. sleeping with the radio on at night time. I'm extrememly sorry to read about what you are going through, but am confident that you will eventually be able to cope with it. The human body is incredibly resiliant, and time can be the great healer. Get well soon!
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