As a Moderator of a few of the CP Forums, it has recently been brought to my attention that certain members on the CP Forums have been using what is known as "Anonymizer" software/services. This seems to have become a problem, as Members that have been banned for particular reasons are thinking they can return under a new or "mirrored" IP address.

However, there are glitches in the software that are easily found by hackers. Some of the software/services are not as bulletproof as they want their customers to believe. An excellent article on such weaknesses can be found here;

Of course, some software companies won't tell you that! Anyone with a good above-average knowledge of computers and some motivation can "sniff" right through it. So, users BEWARE. I already discovered a few people who frequent these Forums using such tactics. Moderators have been notified of this/these person(s) and how to tell if "banned" Members are dishonestly using such services.

Happy Growing,