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Thread: Hydroculture Experiment

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    Hydroculture Experiment

    I've had this thing set up for about 6 months or so and all is looking good so I thought I'd share what I'm doing and the results so far. I have a bit of experience with growing plants in hydroponics styles so your mileage will probably vary. Start out with plants you don't care if you lose or hardy ones and go from there.

    I took a 24" X 12" aquarium with a 95% or so top cover and added some of that silly aquarium bendable airline bubble wand stuff connected to an air pump. Added a few inches of water. Placed some PVP couplers in the bottom, placed some of the egg crating stuff used for lighting and added african violet self watering pots.

    The lighting is from 2 T5HO's approx 10-12" from the plants. I have never measured the humidity, but I would assume it was high from the dews. Temps are 55-82 depending on the season.

    I generally ignore this entire setup expect once a week when I look at the water level, if it needs water I may spend 10m on setup with general plant care. I would say in a month I may spent 15m total time, although someday I will need to change that water in there and clean up the muck that is growing...or I could just leave it.

    Sorry about the bad photo's this tank is not in an easy to get to place and thus very had to take pics.

    Here is the water level I generally want it at, I add water about every 3-4 weeks and when I do it may move up 1/4" - 1/8" or so from that level, when it looks like the bottom of the pot is sitting on the water thats when I add more.


    Here is the bubble wand and yes the water is really that off peat color and has alot of junk in it I never added!


    The egg crate stuff with part of it cut out to allow the pots to fit, you can also see the PVP coupler in there.


    Here is an example of the pots, the bottom section is filled up with perlite and that allow the wicking up to the standard CP mix. The plant in the pot is an H. minor.


    Tiny Ceph 'Czech Giant' all curled up with its nest of sphagnum moss. I have to fan out the sphagnum when I water or the little Ceph would be covered.


    P. ehlersiae in the back and its brother P. esseriana 'giant' in the front.


    P. cyclosecta with a really nice purple/blue tint to it.


    VFT 'Dihgley Giant'


    The Drosera adelae on the left and Drosera nidiformis on the right.


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    Great Pics,
    I did a similar thing about 2 years ago.I put a bunch of young vft's and sarrs in 2 aerogardens. The sarrs grew super tall real fast".I had to transfer the sarrs to a larger homemade hydrogrower. I made the homemade hydrogrower in a 24 gallon tote bought a few 4" hydrogrow baskets, a small pump with some bubble stones. The sarrs grew really well, in fact too well. They got really tall. I took the sarrs out and transplanted them into regular cp soil, and they did fine. I still use the hydro setup to grow lettuce indoors during the winters here in NJ
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