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Thread: Small seed lot import permit

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    Small seed lot import permit

    I tried (for the 3rd time) yesterday to apply for a small seed lot import permit on line. I submitted my information and received a screen that said something about checking my email for a reply with a link to activate my account. Like the previous attempts, I received no email/link/acknowledgement of my existance. Any advice on what I apparently am doing wrong? I know people do this all the time, so it must be an easy process. Thanks in advance for any help or information you can provide or suggestions you offer.

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    You have to go into the local Department of Agriculture office/station to show them your ID to validate your account before you can use it. You should have gotten instructions on how to do this, which is probably the email they are sending you. Check your spam box. If not call one of the contact numbers listed.

    They want to know if you are who you say you are and not some smuggler with 100s of fake accounts.
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