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Thread: an idea

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    I agree wholeheartedly!

    I am wondering, has there been an issue with someone not trading fairly?
    If there has, I haven't seen it.
    But I assume it would have to be blatant unfairness for it to really make enough impact to merit bringing it out in the open.
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    herenorthere- you got it bud!

    GrowinOld, very very very few things have not been resolved one way or another. Those people are found on the bad traders list which is stickied in the trading forum. 3-Level Questionable/Deadbeat Traders List I think that's great ratios with the amount of trades that go on around here.
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    As Andrew mentioned, there have been a few issues but most were some time ago. One took a bit longer to resolve, not because of Terra & the mods, but because the individual was probably the most prolific poster on the boards, people were afraid to say anything. Eventually, the truth was shared & he went away...

    If something is remotely valuable, share pics & discuss shipping & packing. Most people with decent plants won't risk their reputation on a trade or two since the overall CP community is fairly small & once a reputation is shot, they'll have trouble trading with any established people until they die... (ask Mr. Gravine how his trades are going...)
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