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Thread: Newbie seeks care advice based on the attached pics...

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    4. looks like Dana's Delight to me.
    Always interested in a trade. PM me. Growlist:

    I'm bigger than you! Hahaha!

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    My best advice is for you to first look on the forum under growing each of these plants, and also perhaps get a few books out of the library (or buy one) about how to grow them.
    This forum and the net itself has a world of information and it will give you a better foundation of understanding than asking people individual questions about each little concern you are running into. (Okay, a little advice about cutting off old leaves and such is good to get opinions on.)
    For one, as a "newbie" you aren't going to know who here knows what they are talking about and who here only "thinks" they know what they are talking about! [Some of the advice you are getting is from other newbies who just heard it from someone else a week before! You don't know who is "seasoned" and who is not!] It has actually gotten to the point around here of being funny, if not ludicrous!
    This is NOT a good way to learn about something, if indeed you are actually wanting to learn!

    Second of all, reading the "how to grow..." will give you a more rounded understanding of the real needs of your plants, which will greatly increase your chance of success. (If you have already read those sections and information, you wouldn't be having the questions you are asking.)

    I am not saying you shouldn't get opinions here, but it is a poor way to try to learn everything you need to know about growing CP's. The info Tony and Scotty are giving you is correct, and is very basic info that you NEED if you expect to grow them. All the "how to" sections will give you the basic info, and help you get a firm understanding of what you NEED to care for them.
    If you don't have the time to read up on them, you certainly won't have the time to care for them correctly.

    Well, that is my advice for what you should do first.
    It may not be an exciting bit of advice, but it will increase your likelihood of success
    a lot more than whether to hack off a dead leaf or not.

    Good luck.

    (I apologize if I have a rough attitude, but so many people are coming here repeatedly asking the same questions (over and over), about things that someone already took the time to answer and prepare into a "ready to read and learn" format! The information (and more!) is sitting here already, just waiting for someone to bother to read it!) [Look on the forum categories, look on the net, get a book to read while in the john. The learning can be as rewarding as the growing!]
    And at least you don't have to worry about it being accurate or not!
    Again, good luck.
    Experience is the best teacher. At least it used to be.
    But then, common sense isn't so common anymore, is it.

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    Put the whole darn box outside in the sunniest location you can find. The D. Capensis likes a little less sun, but I grow mine outside. Sarrcenia see 8+ hours of sunlight in the wild and can make decent growth with 6.

    More light is better, they literally need to be treated like tomato plants.

    Also I think it should be said that you should only water with distilled water.

    Otherwise, you actually have a very nice selection of plants and I love the planter!
    Nepenthes Outdoors in CA


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