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Thread: NASC Auction - hybrid seeds

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    NASC Auction - hybrid seeds

    Hey folks, where I have hybrid seed with reciprocal crosses (e.g. S. species a x species b vs S. species b x species a where the species/hybrid following the x is the pollen donor) would you prefer I offer both as one item or each as separate items?


    Item - S. a x b and S. b x a


    Item 1 - S. a x b
    Item 2 - S. b x a

    shipping would be combined if the same person won both crosses in the second instance.

    Which would you prefer?
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    I would rather seem them as separate items, preferably with a link to the reciprocal in each post. If that would make too much to keep track of, I'm sure that combining them wouldn't be an issue.
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