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Thread: David Attenborough

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    David Attenborough

    Well I'm entirely sure he isn't a part of these forums, but Happy Birthday to Sir David Attenborough!

    Born on May 8, 1926, he makes every single one of us toddlers in the world of natural science considering he started collecting rocks and other artefacts at a ripe old age of ~10. Along with being suave and debonaire, he also wrote and presented "The Private Life of Plants" in which you can find some of the most pretty plants, including the collectible Nepenthes rajah, and he even has a pitcher plant named after him, Nepenthes Attenboroughii.

    Here's a wiki-link to The Private Life of Plants:

    The N.attenboroughii germination thread at cpuk:

    and I'm sure you can find other things about Sir David Attenborough online, but here's a short biography from his own webpage:
    and the link to his imdb:

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    Oh my! Well, Happy Birthday Sir Attenborough
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    happy B-day Mr. Attenborough!

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    Happy b-day Mr. A! I just finished watching the Life series and the Life in the Undergrowth series this week!
    Nepenthes Outdoors in CA


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