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Thread: My Trip To British Columbia

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    My Trip To British Columbia

    I'm currently in Tofino, BC, on day 9 of an 11-day excursion to British Columbia. Managed to see a lot more CP's than I thought I would. Day 1 of the trip was in Seattle and I visited a certain place that grows and sells carnivorous plants. Saw a lot of cool plants there and bought a few. I can't even remember all I purchased, they'll be shipped next week sometime, after I get back. They were all Sarracenia, except my son picked out a venus fly trap, so he wouldn't feel left out I guess. I do know I picked out a Doreen's Colossus, Tapestry, odyssey x leucophylla, moorei, leuco x oreo, and a couple of complex crosses with Judith Hindle that looked pretty cool. In Victoria, BC, we visited the Victoria Butterfly Gardens and they had a CP display in there. Although it was not in very good shape. The Sarracenia looked terrible. They had a lot of huge Nepenthes, but only one of them had any pitchers on it. I don't know much about Nepenthes culture, but they apparently were doing something wrong. In Tofino, BC, we hiked a trail that went around a coastal bog. Saw lots of Drosera rotundifolia in there, as well as one cobra lily plant, the result of someone scattering seeds in there in 1999. I found an article online that discussed it a bit. It sounds like at one point there were several plants growing, but were not doing well. The plant I found may be the last one left, as I couldn't find any more anywhere, and they supposedly were all growing in the same spot. I posted a pic in the pitcher plant thread. Anyway, i'm kind of ready to head home, although we have a couple days yet, and a whale-wathcing trip tomorrow. I'm kind of nervous to see how my outdoor Sarracenia have fared, as we actually had a late freeze and snow last weekend. Not worried about the plants, but the couple dozen flower stalks that were approaching blooming time.

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    It is too bad you didn't wait a month or two before seeing the Butterfly Gardens, a friend of mine just started working there in the past few days, and I have a feeling that with his skills he will be able to get the CPs there looking much better. Glad you enjoyed your time in Canada!
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