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Thread: Anyone know if the oil spill is currently threatening CP sites?

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    Anyone know if the oil spill is currently threatening CP sites?

    I haven't seen a topic on this on this forum regarding the Gulf Oil Spill...

    Does anyone know if the oil spill currently poses any immediate threat to CP habitat around the Gulf? What about in the near future?
    -Joel from Southern California

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    I was wondering about this also.

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    I heard the oil is making its way upriver...
    so while for now it might not be threatening anything
    it is ultimately going to affect things,
    even on a remote interconnected natural balance kind of way.

    Until they stop the oil from leaking,
    it is anyone's guess who bad things will be.
    Knowing how Alaska was left, with LESS oil spilled,
    things will NEVER be the way they were.

    It is NOT good,
    that is for sure!

    Perhaps we will indeed remove ourselves by 12/21/2012!
    Seems we are working on it!
    We think we are the most intelligent species on the planet...
    Well, it is things like this that makes one doubt that!

    We really can't afford to make these kinds of accidents.
    Experience is the best teacher. At least it used to be.
    But then, common sense isn't so common anymore, is it.

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    While the spill is indeed incredibly damaging & we'll probably keep learning of new bad things for years, CPs aren't on the 'front lines'. In general, CP's don't like salt water & tend not to grow close to it (Carolina coastal sites & at least one Ceph site being exceptions). During my years in Southern Louisiana, I searched for CPs & found none anywhere near the southern marshes. Over in Mississippi, Alabama & Florida, the media is much more conducive to CPs than Louisiana but I don't know if there are some specific sites fairly close to the ocean. Even if there are some coastal sites, the oil would have to make the jump from a marine environment to a clean pure-water one (non-brackish) - which is not easy (but could be done w/ hurricane, etc).

    So, in general, the oil will screw up a huge amount of other stuff before it really impacts any CPs (imho)...
    All the best,
    You must do the thing you think you cannot do. --- Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Maybe CPs are better off with the oil spilling directly into the Gulf instead of fueling the construction equipment & development that that is the biggest threat to the plants' habitat.
    Bruce in CT

    Madness is something rare in individuals but in groups, parties, peoples, ages it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche

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