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Thread: Death cube transplant

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    Lightbulb Death cube transplant

    Hi all,
    im relatively new to this forum and growing CP.
    i recently got a VFT from lowes and i was wondering how i could take it out of its "death cube" and plant it in a pot safely. The plant seems to be in good shape already having 2 new traps grow from the time i have gotten it. It sits in a windowsill where it gets alot of sun and partial shade throughout the day.

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    Just stick it in a pot with a mix of equal parts sphagnum peat and sand. To keep it in the house you'll want to keep a dome over it to keep humidity up, although you might be able to just set the pot in a tray of water.

    A flytrap can't survive indoors indefinitely. They need to go through winter dormancy to last more than a few years. I think some people have achieved this indoors by keeping the pot really close to the window where it is colder. I've heard others put them in the refrigerator for a few months.

    For the soil mix you can also use things like long fiber sphagnum, live sphagnum, chopped sphagnum, see a trend yet? Things like perlite and vermiculite can also be used, just avoid ones with fertilizer in them. The idea is a loose, nutrient poor soil that will stay moist.

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