Just an assortment of pics from my trip. The Sarrs and some misc. CP's were all taken at a place in Snohomish, WA. The Nepenthes was taken at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens. The sundews and cobra-lily were taken at the Shorepine Bog Trail in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, near Tofino, BC.

'Doodle Bug' and tree frog

my daughter and some minor/psitt hybrid

a nice courtii

a nice Darlingtonia home-made bog

assorted CP's

my daughter and some Sarr's

assorted Sarr's

purp, or rosea perhaps?

the only Nep that had pitchers at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens. Unsure of the species, or if it's a hybrid. It wasn't tagged.

The Shorepine Bog

An introduced cobra lily