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Thread: Adventures at Home Depot

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    Adventures at Home Depot

    1)A couple weeks ago I switched out my Home Depot uniform and decided not to put my name on it. One of the assistant managers wasn’t impressed by that and told me to my name on it. So I did, only I did while wearing it so that the name appeared upside down to everyone else. And of course, co-workers and customers noticed that and that sparked light-hearted conversation (“Did you know that your name is upside-down?”). Not that I was trying to draw any attention… This weekend a different assistant manager expressed displeasure with the name thing and said that he would appreciate it if I corrected it. I explained to him that it’s sparking conversation with the customers and is probably helping my VOC (voice of the customer) rating. In other words, this was a good thing. He didn’t comment on that. Just the same I wrote the corrected rendering above the upside-down one.

    2) Home Depot does 10% discounts for military people. All they have to do is present their ID. I had one guy come to my line that asked if we did and I explained the stipulation. He said that he didn’t have an ID and I reiterated the policy. He got a little ornery and showed me a tattoo on his wrist, as if to claim that this was his ID. I just looked at him and he said, “Never mind!” and walked away.

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    LOL. I knew a kid in High School who got his Eagle Globe and Anchor USMC Tattoo while he was still in High school. Kid didn't even earn the right to wear it yet. So I know where your coming from that just the Tattoo doesn't mean squat.
    I wont be getting my EGA Tattoo till I earn it, lol.

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