What precipitated all this was that my Photobucket account began giving me an error message when I tried uploading pictures from my pc. Shortly thereafter, my Email account ceased functioning with respect to the drafts folder and being able to send messages. So a reboot was done. That restored the aforementioned but left Scrabble inoperative, as described above and the link provided. I posed the question the message board, here and it was suggested that I clear the cache and reset the time and time zone. In retrospect, I'm sure that the reboot, in effect, took care of the cache clearing. However, even though the clock was reading the correct time, the time zone was incorrect. So I changed that. But that threw off the time by 3 hours. I fixed that but didn't notice whether it was AM or PM. It was indeed PM and I switched it to AM. And then it all was right in the world.