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    can anyone recommend any good TC kits ?

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    This company has it "all" and also used to sell VFT TC kits: Phyto Tech Lab
    I don't think they sell the specific VFT medium & kits anymore but they have whaveter chemicals you'd need to make it up yourself if someone online can give you some direction on culture medium ingredients and amounts.

    I was perusing the Phyto Tech Site and look at this new medium!
    Nepenthes Culture Medium

    It's not a kit but this is an awesome book: Plants from Test-Tubes: An Introduction to Micropropagation
    And it's now 1/2 the price of when I bought it years ago.

    If you plan on doing any of it I suggest getting a big pressure cooker with a gage first, it's important for sterilizing metal implements and pretty much your top expense outside of a really accurate scale. I got a 21 Qt one at the farm store for $90 but I've heard of people scoring them at yard sales for only $5.
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