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Thread: NASC aftermath

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    NASC aftermath

    well the auction that we all looked forward to ended about 2 weeks ago or so. So this thread is to show everyone what you got and how impressed you were with your iteam. This lets us see what we just barly got outbidded on or how nice some the owners were who chipped in. I know all the plants i recieved were amazing and i got many bonuses like seeds and additinaly neps and dews that were free.

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    I won three listings, all by I got a D. trichocaulis pot, a D. leioblastus pot, and some D. callistos gemmea. He also gave me some free spilos gemmea, which was nice. if you order from him you will know that the packing is SOLID. You could trust the last plant in the world in that package, it was so sturdy. Not one dew drop out of place.
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