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Thread: Just Bought This Stuff....

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    A quick search on several pesticide databases (such a and other sources shows that clarified hydrophobic Neem oil still has insectcidal properties despite the lowered amounts of Azadirachtin. Azadrachtin which is sold as a separate insecticide does not have the anti-fungal properties of either "raw" or clarified Neem oil.
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    I have used Green Light neem concentrate to spray *all* of my nepenthes according to the mix instructions on the bottle: 2tbsp neem concentrate/1gallon water (R.O.) and nothing else. To name a few nepenthes that I used it on and they didn't look bad at all: newly potted up N.macrophylla, sickly N.sibuXhamata with a horrible infestation of thrips, & unrooted N.spectabilis basal.

    I used it in a spray bottle to drench the leaves and the potting mix until it was running through the pots, and didn't run pure R.O. water after (I just left it in the soil for weeks at a time).
    That's what I'm looking for! Thanks!

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