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Thread: World Cup!

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    Well, I guess there are a 'few' USA soccer fans out there ...

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    It's time to move on after Ghana won 2-1. My wife caught me cheering Ghana's 2nd goal and I said it's because a friend of mine is married to a Ghanaian, has kids there and spends all his free time with Ghanaian charities. It's nice to see something go their way instead of the US's way. But another reason for my happiness is that we can finally get some decent media coverage of other teams. I like the Portuguese and Brazilian teams because one of the neighborhoods I walk through to work is heavily Portuguese and Brazilian and it's an awesome place to be when one of them wins a game. They played each other yesterday and people were already out in team colors when I walked by before 7 am and were still out and hollering outside the bars and restaurant when I came home after 4, long after the game. The Brazilians have won the World Cup twice since I moved here and that neighborhood was an amazing place to be afterwards. Despite the fact that my daughter, who will be a senior next year, has been playing soccer much of her life, I'm not a big fan of soccer because I don't have the same understanding of it that I have for sports like baseball, football and hockey. But I'm a big fan of soccer fans.
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