Got some good news from the clerk at the sci-fi bookshop today, finally after all this time there will be a Warhammer 40K film.

Obviously it's going to be done in CGI cos it's way cheaper than building any hard props/scenery anymore for live action sci-fi - especially the Warhammer world. Here's a trailer & movie news site that's not very exciting at all yet but they're just getting production started and I'm obviously impatient to see the whole thing done (today at 9 PM if possible):

The Ultramarines aren't my fave space marine chapter but at least it clears the path for followup films. I hope they make a few of the novels into films there would be some awesome movies. And the Horus Heresy that started the Imperium's divide would have to come out as a trilogy - just because I say so! LOL

I hope some of you geeks are as excited as I am!