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Thread: 6-28 CP pics

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    6-28 CP pics

    P. caerulea

    The ping tray..

    P. gigantea

    I don't remember.. either D. natalensis or D. dielsiana.

    D. oblanceolata

    Cephalotus 'Typical' and D. capillaris 'Long Arm'

    Cephalotus 'Hummer's Giant' leaf clone showing more growth. How long until I start seeing pitchers?

    more seed grown D. capillaris 'Long Arm'

    D. pulchella x nitidula and D. tokaiensis Thanks Mike!!

    D. sp. 'Carbarup'

    N. hamata Andreas Wistuba Clone 1

    N. macfarlanei

    U. inflata showing growth. See the new tendril in the center there?

    N. gracilis doing well outside of the grow box. My one and only outer box nep..

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    Nice collection!

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