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Thread: lighting question

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    Your sundew will have to be placed fairly close to the bulbs (no less than 8 inches away) but your ping and Nep will appreciate the extra light from the bulb. If you're referring to the Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs just keep in mind you'll be restricted on expanding your collection in the future as most sundews really like all the light you can give them (with a few exceptions). Good luck, let us know how it works out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by An1matr0n1k View Post
    yes it is that bluish bulb. im growing a n. ventricosa cutting a d. capensis an a p. agnata x moranensis and i have 2 of those clippy light things and im trying not to spend more than $30 per bulb. are the ones from ok
    $30 per bulb? wow......i use the cheapest lights i can find in my basement, 4 foot T8s with the cheapest bulbs i can find, usually 10 or so for $20.......has worked for nearly 7 years so far....if yah have decent light through the west window in the late afternoon, as in there are no trees or buildings blocking any light a couple good CFL's will work......
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    awsome thanks guys

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