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Thread: Cool, nerdy, or nerdy but cool!

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    Good stuff french, thanks for the list A lot of those I'm already checking out but a few I've yet to see. Prepare to want one even more! I paid like 13 bucks shipped. =)

    I<3carnivores-- this is a phone protection product. We will see how well it does!
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    Oh something else I tweeked with and found REALLY REALLY handy:

    I downloaded Picasa on my laptop and synced selected it with the web Picasa. Anything I had onto my HD is automatically uploaded to my web album. Now for the cool part. Your phone should automatically detect your Picasa album via a gmail account. Worst case you can make a bogus account. From that you can browse via your gallery through your album, essentially you're browsing though your HD on your phone (though it's really online) but the principle is really cool. Makes it SOOO much easier to attach pics via email when you're chatting trade with say people on here

    Let me know if you get hooked on an app I didn't mention. The addiction only grows stronger haha

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    Andy! Awesome! Can you say where you got it, please?
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