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Thread: Three Questions for the Experts

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    Hope you start to have some better luck with that then!

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    I guess I am an expert of sorts. You know, growing CP is an art. Small things can make big differences, like rinsing the peat moss before use, which is a chore for sure. The plants will grow probably even if you don't, but eventually problems will arise if you start with a mix that has too many salts and nutrients: algae will colonize the mix and can fix nitrogen into the medium, providing more nutrients to encourage weedy mosses. So, it's all a matter of how serious you want to get with your growing. I find the coarse sand you can get at swimming pool concerns (used in pool filters) to be the most reliable. It looks like sugar, but even so, it should be rinsed. Squeaky clean is what you are aiming for. I did the chore infrequently, mixing up all the mix I thought to use in a season, filling clean pots, and allowing them to sit outside for the season for the rain to filter through. Use as needed, and save the older ones for the really sensitive species. Use only pure water, and top water every couple of weeks allowing the pots to drain freely and NOT into the water tray. Frequently empty the trays of standing water and replace with fresh after scrubbing them out. Top water heat sensitive species with pure water kept in the fridge. All these things contribute to maximize the growing of CP, especially Droserae. Peat quality varies depending on which bog it was harvested from, and how deeply they mine it. Deeper layers are not good, and since there is no real way to know, rinsing is the single best thing you can do to avoid potential problems. Short term, there may be no problems, but over time evaporation concentrates salts into the mix. For this reason, repotting every few years is a good idea, sort of like restarting your computer - it fixes problems you might not even know exist. Same thing holds true for sand. Avoid multicolored sand, because any such may have questionable minerals associated. Silica sand is best and pool supply companies are everywhere. A very good substitute for peat is LFS, dead or alive. I never grew a CP that didn't like live milled moss, other than the marl loving species. Drosera and Sarracenia love it. Grind it in a food blender and you are good to go
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