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Thread: Poaching carnivorous plants: Is it ok to take a couple for breeding purposes?

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    You can't lock or delete a topic unless you have administrator, moderator or "Thank You" member privileges. And "Thank You" members can only lock topics that they started.
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    Ah, thanks. So if a mod see's this feel free to lock as my question has already been answered.

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    No, don't lock this. It is important that from time to time it is talked about even if embarassing someone for a moment. Anyone still not convinced should read Barry Rice's thread on the ICPS forum where at a scientific conference on CP's they didn't want Mr. B.R. himself involved at all with their meet on conservation. The reason being that evry Tom, Dock, and Harry wanted to take just a couple of plants was the number one destroyer of North American habitats. They wanted to shut out one of the worlds foremost conservationalists because of his open public forum, for fear of the public learning where they are. Seriously, think about it. BR is a CP warrior, and they didn't trust him. Ask yourself now, "Who am, and how dare I?". I did and have never thought about it again. (Steps off soapbox.)

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    Seriously. Hobbyists are the number one habitat destroyer in the U.S.. Most with good intentions I'm sure. This makes me sad, as many I'm sure.
    Good growing, Jack
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    Closed per OP request.
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