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Thread: Nature can exact the sweetest revenge

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    Nature can exact the sweetest revenge

    This has been the year from heck for my outside plants. The weird weather systems combined with my not being able to stay on top of things as much as usual due to surgery has allowed some rampant insect issues.
    Web worms on the ornamentals
    Grasshoppers and slugs in the bogs
    And in the veggie patch: squash borers, tomato hornworms and mexican bean beetles.

    At last, Mommy Nature has taken pity on me and chose one of my garden enemies as the brooder of a new generation of Braconid Wasp.

    It's a tough life being a Sarracenia farmer
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    I love Lepitdopteria of any kind... Next time, get permits and send me the caterpillars!
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