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Thread: My plants arrived dead after two weeks of waiting

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    You really should balance your checking monthly. This happens more frequently than you think. It is typically caused by human error at the point of sale.

    I typically have to dispute a few transactions every year since I use debit quite a bit.

    Most common offenders are Gas Stations and Fast Food. Take note anytime they have a glitch or have to swipe your card more than once. This is when the double charges occur most frequently.

    Another issue I have come across is places who do not remove holds. I had a 100 dollar hold on my account for about six months once. I finally called the bank and it turned out some hotel never released the 100 deposit hold on my account. It most likely would have stayed there indefinately had I not called.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RL7836 View Post
    Why is this? The sooner you get things resolved, the easier it is. While I don't use them, debit cards are especially important to monitor. They do not have the same protections that credit cards do (contrary to what the banks attempt to have us believe). The timelines for reporting are shorter and they readily will allow you to eat fraudulent charges if you report too late.
    Sorry, that last line was in reference to his statement that he doesn't spend as extravagantly on his credit card anymore and not relevant to the nursery situation.

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