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Thread: Pots in bogs versus planting without pots

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    Question Pots in bogs versus planting without pots

    The bog garden is doing well, and I'm a bit afraid of making any changes. It's fed by a natural spring, which unfortunately is not devoid of minerals, but at least low in them. The only problem I've encountered, besides the invasive weeds, is regarding the minerals from this spring water. They don't accumulate when it rains regularly. However, during dry spells (recently we went over 2 weeks without any rain), the spring becomes a trickle and the Venus Fly Traps were the 1st plants to show any signs of damage from minerals, e.g. first the traps then leaves turning black. None of the other plants appear stunted and seem to be growing. Right now, I have the plants all in pots submerged in the bog. During hot days or especially during dry spells I've been watering them from above with either rain or low-mineral tap water, pouring it into the pots. It doens't seem natural to leave these plants in their pots. I would like to put them into the bog without pots, but am worried about the mineral issue. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Pots are at least transportable.

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    I agree. Easier than uprooting the entire plant should an issue arise.
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