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Thread: Sending CP seed to others

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    I recently received some Sarr. seed, sent using the cardboard cutout method.
    NOT good results!

    Packing looked good! (Piece of thin corrugated cardboard with cut-out for seeds to rest safely inside.) Nicely done, and when I first looked at it, I thought how nice of a job it was (I even showed my wife!). I have used this method in the past, however usually can't get thin cardboard as was used, but only the large corrugated type. (And that thin cardboard method only ran a regular stamp to send!)

    Recently I have been trying using regular large corrugated cardboard, and pulling the sheet off one side so the wavy inner part is exposed, in which to rest the little baggie of seed upon (taped in place). I figured the wavy corrugations will help some seed avoid being crushed, by some of them resting in one of the "low spots". I am not sure how it works however, as I have only done this a couple times. Like I said, I usually do something similar to the "cut out" method.

    Now the bad news!
    I took a closer look at the seed I received, and the eye-loupe revealed that about half the seed were indeed crushed!

    I do plan on planting what I have, as a number of the seed look fine. Some are just broken open, with the seed coat cracked, and if the innards are not smashed, I assume they will make it.

    I am very appreciative for the seed. It was a nice opportunity for me, and I will do my best to care for them. However, I guess I will still have to be on the look out for a more secure way to send seed. Seems those padded envelopes are still the safest way to go. (The only limiting factor is going to be the price it costs for the envelopes and to send them (possibly both ways, in a SASE offer).
    That or I will have to research more with the large corrugated cardboard. I recently did a SASE with it and have yet to see the results.

    Well, just thought I would update the results I am seeing.

    Take care all!
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    I just got some seed. The sender put a piece of caramel candy in the envelope making it too fat or odd shaped to fit in the sorting machines. No crushed seeds. Plus a little sweet treat as I sow the seeds.
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    +1 !
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    Instead of cardboard...use twinwall! Get from discarded campaign signs.

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