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Thread: re wiring ballast in t-12

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    yup lowes only has the no reflector utility shop fixtures, i got this one from lowes years ago , but they dont carry it any more, atleast here. in the roanoke area of virginia

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    broke now for sure , but it was fun ripping it apart.
    dont want to do anymore circuit board work, took electronics in high school , so im sure by the time i purchased all the parts, i will have found an alternative , and at less than half the cost , French knows best,maybe you all can help me find one that doesnt look so utilitarian. I did find a model # inside so im going to give that a try .
    thanks all for your advise.

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    Maybe just the switch went bad.

    They sell similar fixtures at head, er, hydroponics stores, not as cheap as utility fixtures you can get at Lowe's or HD though. They all have pretty crappy ballast units in them so you don't save much in the long run.
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    Hey Jimmy!

    If it were me and I was in love with the fixture, I would simply buy an ugly cheap new one locally and switch out the ballast! If that is the part you need (or switches or whatever), then you can have the fixture you love with new guts in it!

    Just like putting a new engine in an old car!

    For common sense reasons, look for a unit that has similar form, to help ensure that the new ballast will likely fit inside!

    Good Luck!
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