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Thread: Storing Pollen in cryogenics

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    Storing Pollen in cryogenics

    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone had even done cryogenics before, and if so, I was thinking of someday getting one of these to store Nepenthes pollen in for long term use.
    Ever since I saw Modern Marvels on cryogenics and their storing seeds, etc.... for future use, I got the Idea of using it for my neps pollen for when I make new Hybrids and species.
    As we know pollen in regular cold storage doesn't last that long (Regular freezer/Refrigerator). Thats why I'm considering cryogenics, cause I have some really really rare and exotic hybrids. Plus some rare species.

    I found this place on the net with affordable cryogenics freezers. Some are even under a 1000 dollars which is very reasonable.

    Please people come and chime in with your thoughts, etc....

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    Well, I've had this thread open in a tab for a while, wanting to see what people responded, but alas, no responses!

    So, I have no experience (and next to no knowledge) on the subject, but I thought I'd chime in.

    Are there any studies on the efficacy of seed freezing, specifically for the genera you're thinking of? Or are there broad cross-genera studies showing high efficacy across the board? I can look 'em up, but if you have suggestions, I'd love to take a look.

    Also, do you have a way of getting LN2? I would imagine that even if you can get some, there'll be a pretty big overhead for the small amount you'd need. Do you have any idea of what your usage rates for a project like this would be? Even if you can get some, do you know the rules about storage? (I don't, I'm just curious what you've found. )

    Neet stuff.
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