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Thread: Liz Goes On An Adventure And Meets Friends! :awesome:

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    Yeah, but airlines are getting to be more and more of a pain, and you never know when some ******* is going to decide that the fluid in your pitchers violates the clear bottle and plastic baggies rule. Besides that, carry-on rules, lines... I was thinking more of checked luggage though (what a nightmare.) Trains are air-conditioned, relatively low-turbulence, you can port your own bags if you keep an eye out, and you can take a lot more luggage than you can on a plane.
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    Quote Originally Posted by i<3carnivores View Post
    Expenses were paid, yes
    What I did, was a day trip. I got there, went to the meeting, and went home. Airline tickets were $262- but upwards of 280 would be more likely.
    Keep in mind the cost of food (airport food is EXPENSIVE. $10 for a regular sandwich, $3.00 for a small soda, etc), any plants you see that you want, the cost of driving to the airport (and getting back home), parking there, and tolls on the road.
    Not to mention, if you're already going out there, I highly recommend getting a hotel and staying there for some time. There's alot to see and alot of people to meet- might as well take full advantage of it but if you're crunched for time like me (I have school) there's nothing wrong with a day trip- just make sure you have everything you need in a little bag, and get one of those neck pillows at Wal-Mart first, cause in the airport, they're like, $19. Ridiculous! Haha.

    But it was fun getting to see everyone and I'm over my fear of flying and I just wanna go back for more!

    @Seedjar: they have no problems with plants on the'll just want to keep them in a protective dome or hold them in your lap
    $10 for a sandwich?
    I mean all expense paid for us, coming to your place
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