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Thread: Tryin' to grow me some Sphagnum

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFury View Post
    Joseph - your method sounds interesting. So all the bark floats and keeps the moss above the water line but still saturated, right? My method is somewhat similar in that I've filled my three plastic containers with water so that the bottom layer of pure peat is underwater and the waterline extends about halfway up through the middle layer of LFS. The top layer stays wet but isn't underwater.
    Nope, actually the bark and moss begin to sink, then, once the live Sphagnum begins to grow it seems to fill with O2 and begins to float on the surface in a mat of live moss, it rapidly grows so the older parts sink down in the water while the tips raise up into the air. The redwood bark eventually all sinks, but it seems to stimulate the Sphagnum to grow well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFury View Post

    But, if anyone around NYC has heard of a garden supply shop that sells live sphagnum, speak up!!
    A few decades ago I had occasion to help a friend relocate from New York to Las Cruces, New Mexico. He had been a Snow Bird, but decided to stay in New Mexico. He, myself, and one other drove across the country to his old place in New York, actually Hawley, PA (just across the Delaware river from NY (he had been a NY college professor), loaded up his stuff, then drove back. While we were loading up (it took a couple of days), on a break, I took a walk behind his Pennsylvania garden along a pond shore - bingo, several mats of wild, live Sphagnum (covering about six to eight square yards). Some even had Drosera rotundifolia growing in/on it. I had even heard that Sphagnum occurs (or once occurred) naturally in Central Park. It seems that it wouldn't be difficult to find it growing wild and getting a simple permit to harvest a little.
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